Disc prolapse – 10 tips how to fix it yourself

By Januar 8, 2023Allgemein

Hello, I am happy that you found this blog post. In a way I am also sorry for you and your back. I can imagine which pain you are maybe going currently through. I had the same around 1,5 years ago. I could not walk anymore. Took very strong pain killers and it seemed nobody could really help me. So here is what I did to cure myself after taking responsibility for myself.

1. COBRA – Ten times a day I did 10 repetitions of the Yoga Move Cobra

So that means in total a 100 Cobras. I am telling you after 2 days I was off my meds. It was unbelievable. There are hundreds of Cobra YouTube Videos. Check it out. I am still doing Cobras now everyday in the morning. I possible did the hardcore training for 2 weeks and then I slowly did less and less.

2. Walking

Slowly start walking a few kms a day. Dont go crazy but you have to move. I am still walking every day a few kms.

3. Hard matrace

Ok so this one is like really, really important. If you have a soft matrace you will never get better. I ordered the hardest one they had. 

4. Good shoes

I am only buying new balance from now on. I dont care if everybody wears them. They work for me. So find a pair or brand which suits you, and dont give you pain.

5. Standing Desk

I work with computers so I used to sit a lot. Now I am standing nearly the whole day. And it works. 


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