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The final part, which I am working on right now is to create an autonomous & mobile working system powered with photovoltaic. I tested quite a lot of powerbanks the last few months, with low temperatures and charging & recharging time.  Currently my setup is not yet working as I want it to (to run 24/7 autonomous with solar energy). So here some information what I have found out.


There are quite a few powerbanks out there which can charge and recharge at the same time. But there is one problem on most of them the voltage drops when charged & recharged at the same time below 5V so the Raspberry Pi doesn’t work anymore. The only powerbank I have successfully tested is the TeckNet PowerZen P3. Here the links to the different Amazon Shops where you can get it.

USB Multimeter

This USB Multimeter helped me a lot to find out about voltage, current etc. I would really recommend you getting one. You can find it here again on Amazon:


I am using following foldable (its all about mobility 🙂 ) Solar Charging Panel. I tested it outside and it did withstand snow & rain for a few days. It has 3 USB Ports. For this project I only need 2 ports . BTW this pannel has in the UK & Germany great reviews,  just in the US there is a bad review. You can get it also here on Amazon:


Summary: This week I should receive a second TeckNet Powerbank and I will then test 2 TeckNet Powerbanks hooked up and connected with a split cable to the Pi. Hopefully it will regarche enough to keep running for 24/7 usage. Fingers crossed.


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